Moving On

The time has come for me to say goodbye to Eat, Write, Go. Between my freelance work, starting a new business, and building a new lifestyle brand I’ve found myself stretched thin, and the Eat, Write, Go brand has lately only existed on social media. I can’t give this site the attention it deserves, so I’ve made the decision to move on.


So where am I moving on to, exactly? Well, not too far. You can still find all of the great food and drink content, plus more travel, essays, and more at Harper and I have turned our crazy little idea of converting a school bus to a tiny home into a whole lifestyle brand! Our philosophy is learning through living, and we are inviting everyone to come along on our journey to see what can happen when you open yourself to life’s many lessons and surprises.


Our wine importing business is plugging along as well. You can learn more about Vinotopia Imports at, but suffice it to say you can expect a lot of wine-related content on the School of Home blog.


And that’s kind of it folks. EWG has been great to me, but as I continue my journey through this world I am learning that some things must come to an end. This website will remain live for the next year or so just as a reference point, but if you want to keep up with me going forward here’s how to do it:


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Thanks for everything, and I hope to see you at School of Home!




Photo credits: Stephen Thrift Photography

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