Wanderlust, 2016

It’s no secret that I have a hard time sitting still. Most of my weeks are filled with work (I counted yesterday, technically I am working four jobs in addition to freelancing right now), meetings about possible future work, events (both social and professional), and hopefully 10-15 minutes of relaxation. I am a compulsive “yes-man” when it comes to new projects and experiences. I am happiest when I have a plate full of projects for me to work on, a calendar chock full of events, and a life surrounded by friends and loved ones.


My go-go-go personality extends to my travel habits as well. When I get somewhere I want to see EVERYTHING. I hate itineraries, preferring to have a list of “greatest hits” to see and allowing the flexibility to see where the journey takes me. It helps to know “yes” in many languages. I’m also not content with that “one big vacation” every year – I prefer to travel often. A mini-getaway once a month is more my speed.


2016 is shaping up to be a great travel year for me. I’m approaching this year with open arms, saying yes often and enthusiastically, and planning on some pretty great adventures along the way. The other day I sat down and wrote out a list of places I know I’ll be traveling to this year – I would love to hear your tips and must-see’s if you’ve been to any of these destinations! Or if there is a place you think I definitely need to visit let me know – my calendar is pretty full but I’m sure I can always squeeze another trip or two in there!


Happy travels! (And yes, I have a glass of wine everywhere I go)

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