On Turning 32 (and A New Gig)


I turned 32 yesterday, and like most birthdays once you get a little older, it was a wonderfully ordinary celebration. Lunch at C&T Wok in Morrisville (hello Szechuan food, my true obsession), dinner at a friend’s house, and some beers at Ponysaurus Brewing here in Durham. No big to-do, no massive party, just good food and good friends.

That’s the thing about my life lately – I’ve slowed down (as much as its possible for someone like me to slow down) and focused on what I love, on who I love. My joy comes in a meal with friends, in a day spent exploring, in a board game or movie night or simple walk around the neighborhood. I spent so much time in my twenties chasing that next big experience, wasting energy on the next big step, focusing on what I did not have yet, or what others had that I did not. I never really stopped to enjoy what I already had; the people, the experiences, the pure love and life that surrounded me every day.

No more. Sure I have big plans, sure I have next steps, sure I have wants and needs; but I also have everything I could ever require to be happy right now in this moment, and I will celebrate that fact each and every day.

So here’s to another trip around the sun. If I spend every single birthday until I drop dead doing exactly what I did yesterday I will die a very happy man indeed.


Now – about that new gig! I am so excited to announce that I will be The News & Observer’s new restaurant news writer (how many times can I get new or news into one sentence?). Check out my first write-up on Only Burger’s new breakfast menu, and of course send all restaurant news and tips you might have my way! I can be reached via e-mail at matt@eatwritego.com, or you can leave a comment on any of my posts!

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