We Got A Bus

Have bus, will travel. But first, renovations.

One of the first things I learned about Harper when I met him was that he had recently purchased a school bus with the intention of turning it into a tiny home. For some people this might have been a warning sign. Danger! Weirdo ahead! For me, however…well, let’s just say I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to tiny homes. It was love at first DIY project.

IMG_0445Late last year we moved the bus from Fayetteville to my house in Durham and this weekend we got started on the renovations. We’ve already become known as “the guys with the bus” in the neighborhood, and our friends and family are all super excited and perhaps a little concerned about our sanity. Most of the questions directed at me fall into the “how will you survive with a tiny kitchen?” category. I can’t say that I’m not nervous, and I doubt I’ll have storage space for all of my Le Creuset and my hundreds of cookbooks, but I’m excited about the challenge of adapting to the new space!

918197_205544999792182_814086447_nWe’re hoping to have the renovations finished by next fall, but in the meantime we’ve set up an Instagram and will be unveiling a new website soon. I’ll also document the process (with a focus on the edible side of things) here on Eat, Write, Go. Once the renovations are finished we’ll be making a pretty awesome announcement, so you’ll want to follow along!

IMG_0439Have you ever thought of living in a tiny home? Do you have experience with tiny homes or RVs? Leave me a comment and let me know!


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