Onward, 2016

1169088_1152460661432621_658303916_n-12015 sure was a hell of a year in my world. I started the year in a new house, found myself in a new job about halfway through the year, and made the heart wrenching (albeit necessary) decision to walk away from a toxic marriage. I laughed a lot, cried even more, and through it all I cooked and ate a hell of a lot of delicious food. The photo above showcases my nine most popular photos on Instagram from 2015 and each one of them holds a special memory.

The rooftop of The Durham Hotel became one of my favorite places from the moment it opened this summer (although this shot was from a little sneak preview I was given). Same for their amazing oysters – I now make it a point to go a few times a month for their $1 oysters between 5 and 7 in the lobby.

The fried catfish platter from Saltbox Seafood was easily one of the best seafood meals of 2015 for me, and a much needed break in the midst of an insane work day.

I made the gnocchi with corn and tomatoes while staying at a friend’s apartment during the darkest days of my divorce drama. I can’t begin to tell you how therapeutic it was to just switch off my brain and cook.

The dumpling soup was the first big food project I undertook with the special guy I’m now seeing. He wasn’t feeling great, so I brought dumpling supplies and homemade stock and we spent hours in the kitchen forming delicious pork dumplings and talking about pretty much everything well into the night.

In between the likes and comments and shares I lived a damn full life during 2015. Its one of those not-so-secret secrets about social media; the life you see on Snapchat or Instagram or even Facebook is what has been chosen for you to see, a curated snapshot of our best moments. Its what happens in between those moments, the joy and the laughter and the agony and the heartbreak that truly matter. That was my 2015. That was my year of finding out who I was.

So here we are in 2016. I have met someone about whom I care very deeply (funny how karma works that way). I have made a pledge to get my financial house in order (its scary y’all). I have taken the plunge and decided to dedicate myself to my writing (hire me!) and to Eat, Write, Go as a business, not just a hobby. I have trips planned, weddings to attend, and friends and family to reconnect with (sorry for disappearing this year).

And most of all I have lots and lots of food to eat.

So raise a glass. Here’s to you. May you cherish those moments, good and bad, that are lived in between the likes. May you live with a full heart and an open mind. May your 2016 be prosperous, exciting, and most of all, delicious!




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